Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wolfville Radio Signal Report

Wolfville Community Radio 98.7 MHz FM
30WReport of Signal Survey,
done 11am-2pm Wed 21 March 2007
Driving around (about 190km) listening on my car radio.

NORTHWARD (from Wolfville transmitter)
Good signal reception:Canning, Kingsport, Medford, Pereau, Rabbit Square.Good signal reception along the top of North Mountain:Lookoff, Arlington, Glenmont, Brow Mountain.Signal good in central Scotts Bay (from the Fire Station, about half km northward). Otherwise reception very poor to nonexistent on Fundy side of North Mountain.
Good signal reception:New Minas, Greenwich, Port Williams, Starrs Point, Church Street, Chipmans Corner, Sheffield Mills, Gibson Woods, Centreville, Northville, Billtown, Lakeville, Keddys Corner, Steam Mill.Fairly good in east Kentville, marginal to poor in central and west Kentville.
Good signal reception: Melanson, Gaspereau, Forest Hill.Marginal to poor at White Rock, Lumsden, Davidson Street.
Good signal reception:Grand Pre, Hortonville, Avonport, Avonport Station, Oak Island, Blue Beach. You may post this in the blog if you choose.Regards,--

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