Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey everyone

Hello im Logan Hudak a second year applied arts and new media student at the Nova Scotia Community College in the neighboring community of Kentville nova Scotia.Known for its laid back way of life and apple blossoms Kentville isnt thought of a technilogical center or reasource for the province. I am some what of a technofile myslef in the sence that i am an internet addict as well as a buddign graphic designer and an electronic musician. I think technology can give a lot of youth here the oppurtunity to be nationally or even internationally competative in these technology based fields if they can be exposed to it.I think that historically since the emphasis has been on agriculture in the valley that a lot of youth in the past think they dont have that oppurtunity or the ability to enter other these other work worlds. With high speed internet here now and the schools working hand in had to support and provide training with technilogical advancements its opening a lot of doors. To me its all about looking forward and embracing advancements in industry and technology and to make sure that every student young or old has the oppurtunity and ability and the confidence to put themselves out there and highlight this beautiful part of the country.

thats all my two cents if you want more info on myslef and what im doing stay tuned and check out my website at


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