Monday, November 26, 2012

Co-op Radio Thanks!

Co-op Radio 106.9FM ran from November 22 to 24, 2012 at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a participatory communications tool to enhance the Co-operating to Building a Better NS Networking Conference held by a steering committee of some 15+ co-operative stakeholders in Nova Scotia in celebration of the International Year of the Co-op.

Thanks to the following conference, community, student, and artist volunteers and organizers, we were able to broadcast 49 hours LIVE! from the Rosaria Student Centre.

Leslie Brown, Jill McPherson & Mark Sparrow.

Jonathan, Emma, Celina, Bethany, Sarah, Chris, Joseph, Ivan, Rene, Alan, Adam, Joe, Stephen, Jake, James, Aaron, Willie, Miles, Dan, Norman, Amanda, Katherine, Larry, Trina, Bob and everyone else who took some airtime, or helped behind the scenes.

Special thanks to MSVU Facilities, Security, AV, IT and Conference Services. Plus the folks at Vinnie's Pub.  Grant Mitchell for Photography.  Mollie Thompson for Piano.  David Bradshaw for Pub Night.

And our overnight saviors; Howard Beye, Kelsey Iceton, Ben Manuel, Jesse Webber, and Josh Teasdale!

It was such a great event!  We should all be proud!

Photos and Podcasts will be available soon

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Co-operating To Build a Better Nova Scotia

Co-operating To Build a Better Nova Scotia is a provincial conference being held Nov. 22nd - 24th, 2012 at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, N.S to mark the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives in Nova Scotia.  The conference aims to bring together co-operatives, credit unions, social enterprise, researchers, academics, government, students, youth, and business service providers.

Three core themes animate Co-operating to Build a Better Nova Scotia, a dynamic, informative, and forward looking event in Halifax November 22 – 24:

  • Living the Co-operative Principles – Preserving and strengthening the co-op difference 
  • NS Co-operatives and the Global Context- International Year of Co-op and beyond
  • Policy - Co-operation to foster a healthy and diverse co-operative eco-system contributing to well-being, innovation and development 
These themes will be addressed via four parallel streams:
  • Conference Workshops – Plenaries, paper sessions, and interactive workshops
  • Visioning – Action framework and commitments for the NS co-op sector 
  • Co-op Radio - Programming, webcast, & social media conversations 
  • Co-op Fair and Poster Presentations - NS co-ops showcasing community connections; social, economic, environmental impacts; products & services 
To connect this conference to provincial NS Co-op members, the larger Canadian Co-op community, and citizens at large, Ryakuga will be broadcasting LIVE from Mount Saint Vincent University, locally on 106.9FM in Halifax, with a simultaneous webcast at 

The broadcast will begin Thursday, November 22 at 12pm and run for 49 hours straight until Saturday, November 24 at 1 pm.  Programming will come from the conference floor as it is happening, with additional cultural and community content focused around the theme of “Co-operating to Build a Better Nova Scotia”

Ryakuga’s temporary community radio station will be set up in the mezzanine of the Rosaria Student Centre at Mount Saint Vincent University and all are invited to participate in this unique participatory communications project. – Broadcast info page where the webcast will be hosted - the Ryakuga blog - the Ryakuga Facebook Page - the NS Co-op Council Facebook page Coop Radio Facebook Group
@ryakuga - to communicate with Ryakuga on Twitter
@NSCoopCouncil - to communicate with the NS Coop Council on Twitter
#coopradio #NSCoop

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's on #CoOpRadio This Week?

A Participatory Communications Event for the 
Hosted by the NS Co-op Council
In Celebration of the International Year of the Co-Op

Listen at 106.9FM in Halifax, or online at

Interact with us on Facebook at 
and on Twitter @ryakuga or @NSCoopCouncil or using the hastag #coopradio 


Thursday, November 22, 2012

12pm - 12:30pm - Sign-On LIVE!
1:15pm - 1:30pm - Prerecorded - A Walk Around Plan B Merchants Co-op 
1:30pm - 2:00pm - LIVE! Show & Tell with Bob Chaisson, President of Plan B Merchant Co-Op
2:00pm - 2:15pm - Prerecorded chat with John Hartling, a local activist and volunteer with Common Roots Urban Farm about the social enterprise model
2:15pm - 2:30pm - Pre-recorded interview with Claudia Jahn from NS Housing and Homelessness Network
2:30pm - 3:30pm LIVE! "Get 'er Done" interactive show hosted by Rene Ross (aka @firecatkitty) Executive Director at Stepping Stone, Dr. Alan Brown (SOAN, Women's and Gender Studies, MSVU) and Charlene Gagnon (Pilot Research, CCPA-NS, NS Housing and Homelessness Network) on social justice in Nova Scotia 
4:00pm - 4:15pm - Prerecorded interview with Don Clairmont (Pilot Research, Atlantic Institute of Criminology) about restorative justice in Nova Scotia
5:30pm - 6:00pm - LIVE! Interviews with Members of the NS Co-op Council Youth Committee
6:00pm - 6:30pm Prerecorded - Dan Anderson - The Disturbing Truth - A project for the Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick
7:00pm - 8:30pm - LIVE! Keynote Address - Co-operatives and the Canadian Journey - Alain Roy, Manager of Programs and Partnerships, Rural and Co-operative Secretariat
8:30pm - 9:00pm LIVE! Interview with Alain Roy and conference delegates, broadcast of Conference Reception
9:30pm - 10:30pm - Co-opoloy Networking Event LIVE! from Vinnie's Pub
11:00pm - 2am - Howard Beye from CKDU LIVE! with Attention Deficit Disorder music show

Friday, November 23, 2012

2:00am - 5:00am - Kesley Iceton (MSVU Student) LIVE! late night programming
5:00am - 8:45am - The Early Shift
8:45am -10:30am - LIVE! Conference Opening Plenary: International Year of Co-operatives in Review - Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going, A Global Perspective
11:00am - 11:30am - LIVE! Miles Howe from the Halifax Media Co-Op
11:45am - 12:00pm - Prerecorded interview with Christine Saulnier about the CCPA-NS Alternative Budget and the role of co-ops in progressive economic development
12:30pm - 1:00pm -  LIVE! Panel discussion with participants and attendees of Education for Co-operation: Curriculum and the Cooperative Model in Nova Scotia's Secondary and Post-Secondary Educational Institutions
1:00pm - 1:30pm - LIVE! Interview with Katherine Kitching about Co-ops and Credit Unions Poster Project.
1:30pm - 3:30pm - LIVE! The Co-Op Skype-In show - Hear from people in the Co-Op Movement across, NS, Canada and globe
6:00pm - 7:00pm - LIVE! Conference Meet and Greet - with light piano music from Mollie Thompson
7:00pm - 9:00pm - LIVE! Conference Keynote Address & Banquet - Simon d'Entremont, Deputy Minister of Nova Scotia Economic and Rural Development and Tourism; Interview with Simon d'Entremont
9:00pm - 12:00am - Pub Night Open Mic Hosted by David Bradshaw; LIVE! Music from Vinnie's Pub
12:00am - 2:30am - Late Night Programming with Jesse Webber and Ben Manuel from Dartmouth punk rock band The Scoop Outs
2:30am - 5:00am - Late Night Programming with Josh Teasdale from 99One Cafe

Saturday, November 24, 2012

5:00am - 8:45am - The Early Shift
 8:45am - 10:30am - LIVE! Conference Opening Plenary: Co-operating to Foster a Healthy and Diverse Co-operative Eco-system Contributing to Well-being, Innovation and Development
10:30am - 12:30pm - LIVE! Conference Visioning Session: Action framework and Specific Commitments for the Nova Scotia Co-operative Sector into the Coming Decade
12:30pm - 1:00pm - LIVE! Closing remarks/next steps
1:00pm - Sign-off

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#coop Radio Pub Night!


Come join us in Real-Life
Listen from the comfort of your own home!

Tune in 

Friday November 23

9pm and 12am

106.9FM in Halifax

or online at

A showcase of local talent LIVE from Vinnie's Pub at MSVU!

Hosted by David Bradshaw

David Bradshaw -

Joe MacNeill
Stephen Terry from The Repercussionists -
Jake DeCoste -
Adam Townsend - 
Grant Mitchell and Charlene Gagnon from Ceti Alpha -
Jesse Webber and Ben Manuel from The Scoop Outs -
Heartbreak A Stranger -

Willie Stratton -


Virtual Participation in #coopradio

The following blog is intended to assist in virtual participation with the Co-Operating to Build a Better Nova Scotia Conference and Participatory Media event being held from November 22 to November 24, 2012 at Mount Saint Vincent University.   

First of all, you can make note of the following websites and social media platforms we will be using for the event. - The page where the webcast will be hosted - the Ryakuga blog - the Ryakuga Facebook Page - the NS Co-op Council Facebook page - Coop Radio Facebook Group
@ryakuga - to communicate with Ryakuga on Twitter
@NSCoopCouncil - to communicate with the NS Coop Council on Twitter
@charlenegagnon -  to communicate directly with me on Twitter - Ryakuga on Flickr - Ryakuga's YouTube Channel

If you have a website, a blog, a photo, a video, or anything you would like to share virtually with Coop Radio, you can either share it on Facebook or Twitter directly, or you can email it to me, and I will post it where appropriate.

We will be using the hashtag #coopradio for the event on Twitter.

Recommended content tags, in addition to the ones you are already using, could include: Coop Radio, Participatory Media, Building a Better NS, NS Co-op Council, Ryakuga

If you have any questions at all about virtual participation feel free to contact

Sunday, October 28, 2012

#coopradio is coming!

The Nova Scotia Co-op Community Radio Project

To connect the Co-operating To Build a Better Nova Scotia Conference with local citizens, provincial NS Co-op members, the larger Canadian Co-op community, and citizens at large; Ryakuga will be broadcasting LIVE! from Mount Saint Vincent University, locally on 106.9 FM  with a simultaneous webcast at .  The broadcast with begin Thursday, November 22 at 12pm and run for 49 hours straight until Saturday, November 24 at 1 pm. 

Ryakuga’s temporary community radio station will be set up in the mezzanine of the Rosaria Student Centre at Mount Saint Vincent University and all are invited to participate in this unique participatory communications project.

Volunteer/Participation opportunities include:
  • Be an On-Air Host – An On-Air Host maintains continuity between programming but also announces information such as station identification; invites listeners to drop by and interact with the virtual component of it; informs listeners on how to find the webcast; reads facts about co-ops; updates audience on schedule.
  • Be a Guest – Sharing the story of your co-op, social enterprise or grassroots organization, your experiences, your stories and talents!  If you are a conference participant, share your conference presentation and/or experiences, best practices.
  • Be a Greeter – The Greeter maintains the public space as a social environment is important. Welcomes people to hang around and go on-air. Makes sure people going on air are relaxed and present.
  • Be a Tekkie – Control the audio mixer and mics.  This is the only real technical job – it’s not complicated though!
  • Be a Photographer/Videographer - We will have a digital camera and camcorder available and a computer designated for photos and videos to be shared via Flickr and YouTube.
  • Be a Social Networker – The Social Networker delivers messages on-air coming in from Facebook and Twitter, and broadcasts what is happening on-air to the virtual participants.  We will have a computer dedicated to Twitter and Facebook. People are also encouraged to use their own mobile devices on the wireless network
  • Be a Roving Reporter – Roving Reporters will have access to a variety of communication tools. We will do live interviews with the wireless mics. In addition, we have flash recorders, camera and video camera. The reporters could also use mobiles ready to FaceBook or Twitter.

To volunteer for #coopradio contact Celina -

To book a timeslot contact Jill -

To talk to someone about Participatory Communications contact Fred (Broadcast) – or Charlene (Social Media) –

To perform at the #coopradio Open Mic at Vinnie’s Pub, on Friday November 24 contact Charlene –

To talk to someone about the NS Co-op Council or the Conference contact Mark -

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Benefits of Community Radio: 

by Mallary McGrath

Some may say that an area such as the Cape Shore is suffering due to its dwindling population and outmigration of youth. We see the class sizes at Fatima Academy decrease year after year, the number of new homes is not what it was and there exists an obvious emptiness to those who are skeptical of the area's future. Owning a pride of place, feeling fortunate to be able to see, smell and touch the ocean and knowing that you see the same sights generations before you have seen is a special thing. Expressing these feelings of fortune to the world as one is simple with the use of modern communication but expressing pride of place together as multiple communities, as a united front of proud people can be a challenge.

However, community radio events that have become annual events on the Cape Shore allow for such expression of pride. During past broadcasts we have had children telling us on air why they like living on the Cape Shore followed by interviews with senior citizens relaying life stories of gardening, fishing and survival. Combinations such as these being broadcasted over the air waves and on the world wide web are extraordinary means of communicating our stories, our way of life and our pride of place.

Speaking from a town councillor's perspective, I believe that community radio is a particularly unique opportunity to facilitate promotion of the Cape Shore area, communication among the towns and discussion, as it not only encourages discussion but allows it to take place among interested individuals. Cooperation between communities is vital to sustainability and the sharing of ideas and initiatives can enhance council's performance as a devoted team of volunteers. A community radio event inevitably triggers thoughts of pride of place and excitement in the community for an event that will broadcast them to the world; their voices, their opinions and their way of life will be in the spotlight. In many cases, discussions lead to analyzations which can ultimately lead to strategies being implemented for betterment of the community.  

The more I learn about community radio and the more I listen, the more I realize that while I believe the Cape Shore area to be a very special place it is not alone. There are communities such as those on Bell Island and Fogo Island dealing with outmigration and other challenges faced by rural areas but while these problems exist there also exists a definite awareness of how special the community or communities are. While proud residents acknowledge the declining population we also promote the area through the use of community radio and choose to look beyond to the sustainable aspects of the community and the positive characteristics. On air discussions are venues of creativity and allow voices to be heard. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tip Sheet for Virtual Participation in Community Radio Events


  1. Setup a Facebook Group for the event - Ideally, every community hosting a radio event would set-up their own Facebook Group, which would serve as a central online location for participants to gather virtually, share their experiences, and interact with the broadcast. 
  2. Add participants to the group - Whoever creates the Facebook Group will be responsible for adding the first participants.  Note that adding a group member does not require their permission, so as a courtesy it is advised that the group administrator first contacts potential group members before they are added. 
  3. Ask group members to add other group members - Administrators will only be allowed to add group members which appear on their friends list.  To broaden the network, all group members should add people from their personal friends lists to the group.
  4. Add group administrators - All individuals who are physically present at the event should be made group administrators.
  5. Promote the event and solicit participation from community members - Post all information people need to know about the event.  When it will be happening, what it is for, who to contact for participation, etc...
  1. Post in the Group - All participants who are physically present at the event should be instructed to post in the group, in addition to on their personal profiles. Posts should include photos, behind-the-scenes happenings, and personal reflections about participation.  
  2. Tag the group in personal posts - Participants who use their personal Facebook profile can tag status updates by placing the @ symbol before starting to type the group name.
  3. Let listeners know about the Facebook Group - Every time the station ID and website is mentioned, listeners should also be told where to find the Facebook Group for the event.  All groups will have the address*groupname*
  4. Ask for participation from listeners - Posts can also be asks for song requests, talk topic requests, shout-outs or relevant stories that can be shared on-air.
  5. Monitor Facebook Group -Group administrators should be continually monitoring the interaction in the group; relaying relevant information to on-air participants, responding to posts, responding to requests to join the group.
Ryakuga Facebook Page

The Ryakuga Facebook page is another virtual place for participant interaction during a community radio event which extends networks beyond individual communities and into the broader Ryakuga Network.
  1. Assign a Ryakuga Administrator - A community participant can be made administrator at the Ryakuga Page for the duration of the event.  Ideally, this administrator would also be the main administrator of the Facebook Group.  When an individual is made administrator of a Facebook Page, all posts that person makes on the page will show up as being from "Ryakuga" rather than their personal account.
  2. Tag posts and photos with Ryakuga - Posts can be tagged with Ryakuga in the same way groups can be tagged; type the @ symbol before the word Ryakuga.  Photos can be tagged with Ryakuga as well in the same way that people are tagged in Facebook photos; click tag photo, click anywhere on the photo, and type Ryakuga into the box that appears.
  3. Let listeners know about the Ryakuga Facebook Page - In addition to station ID, website and group name, on-air participants can let people know about the Ryakuga Facebook Page at
  1. If Twitter is to be included as part of the campaign for the event, it can be done either by creating a Twitter account for the event itself, or through the use of hashtags. Creating an account for the event on its own is unadvised, as building a Twitter network of followers can be task that requires time and effort, and not necessarily worth the work for a one-off event. 
  2. Ryakuga has a Twitter account that can be used during the event as well.  All posts to the Rykauga Facebook Page automatically update to Twitter.   
  3. Many communities have official or unofficial Twitter representation (for example @Branch_NL), a better approach would be to solicit participation with the individuals behind those accounts to broadcast the event on Twitter in addition to the Ryakuga Twitter.
  4. The event can be labelled using a hashtag, which is placing the pound symbol before a one character word or phrase representing the event, as in #nameofevent. Hashtags become search links, and clicking on them will produced a feed of all Tweets containing that hashtag.
  5. Tweets mentioning the event with a hashtag can be retweeted by the Ryakuga page and individuals participating via Twitter.  
  6. As with Facebook, someone should be monitoring Twitter at all times for mentions of the event, to respond to those tweets and share them on-air.  Also, listeners should be given the hashtag name for tweets about the event.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Radio Bell Island/Network 12: Call for Musicians

Radio Bell Island Returns March 19 to 25. RBI is now recruiting Singer/Song writers, Actors & Musicians, for their programming week & the final Concert at St. Michel's Regional High School. If you would like to promote your music or play. You have to submit a short BIO, What songs or Plays you would like to do, what time slots you are available & the running time for each song. 

Email submissions only please.
All submissions close at 12.00 noon Sunday March 4, 2012.
Dates are
Monday 19: Singer/Song writers 5.15 to 5.30
Tuesday 20:The Time,Live Local Music  5.00 to 5.30
Weds 21:  Singer/Song writers 5.15 to 5.30
Thurs 22: The Time,Live Local Music  5.00 to 5.30
Friday 23: Singer/Song writers 5.15 to 5.30
Saturday 24: Live Concert @ St. Michel's High School gym.7.00 to 9.00

Monday, February 20, 2012

Network 12 Virtual Participant FAQ

Network 12 is a Radio Broadcast and Community Radio Conference taking place March 19- 24, 2012 on Bell Island in Newfoundland. The following is an FAQ on how to participate in the broadcast and conference virtually.

What is a Virtual Participant?
A Virtual Participant is one which is not physically present at an event, but who participates from afar using mobile devices and social media.

How do I become a Virtual Participant in the Network 12 Event?
Essentially, Network 12 is 2 events; there is the radio broadcast and the conference. We are encouraging virtual participation in both events.

To become a Virtual Participant of the radio broadcast, all you have to do is listen to the webcast while it is on-air, and discuss what you are hearing using Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

To become a Virtual Participant of the conference, you have to contact Kelly Russell

What are the tools of Virtual Participation?
The main tools being used in Network 12 will be:
Twitter: using the #network12 hashtag
Facebook: posting directly in Network 12 group; tagging posts with Radio Bell Island and Ryakuga
Skype: participating in workshops, deliberative conversations
Text Messaging: for direct communication with on-the-ground participants

Can I be a Virtual Participant if I am physically at the event?
Yes! If you are at the event, you can virtually participate by interacting with the non-present participants, and incorporating their content into the on-air broadcast. You can also solicit participation from virtual participants, by asking them to send their messages and requests from away. As a physically present virtual participant, you can also share photos and videos from the event with the virtual participants.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ewipkek Radio from Flat Bay

On January 19 and 20, 2012, The Flat Bay Band Council hosted a historic community radio event, the first Mi'kmaq radio broadcast in Newfoundland.

Over the 2-day broadcast, youth and elders came together to share stories, music and traditional knowledge from the community.  Students from the College of the North Atlantic Community Studies program were also welcomed into the community and assisted in the broadcast, providing technical support with the broadcast and social media promotion.

Some highlights of the broadcast included:
  • Knowledge about traditional Mi'kmaq drumming with the help of members from Grandmother Drum, Flat Bay's Women's Drumming Circle, and listeners enjoyed recorded and live performances from them.
  • A history of the Mi'kmaq in Flat Bay was read online by Elder Calvin White and his nephew Ivan.
  • Information about the upcoming Flat Bay Pow-Wow, taking place July13-15, 2012, and gave listeners a detailed account of what a Pow-Wow was, its importance for the community, and how it worked.  Including a discussion of Pow-Wow traditions and expected behaviour of participants.  
  • An interview with Chief Liz LaSaga
In addition to the FM broadcast, Ewipkek Radio was simulcast online, and social media tools were implemented to engage participants from away.  Facebook and Twitter were used to promote the event and solicit greetings; the Twitter hashtag #flatbayradio was active with over 40 tweets being tagged.  People from Flat Bay who were located elsewhere in the country and world tuned in indicated they were so happy to bring a piece of Flat Bay into their homes and offices for those broadcast days.

Between January 18 and 21 our Facebook page recorded visits from the following towns in Newfoundland: St. John's, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Bell Island, Branch, Mount Pearl, Fogo, Placentia, Baie Verte, Witless Bay and Bonne Bay.

Across Canada, people checked out the broadcast from: Halifax, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Ottawa, Fredericton, Niagara Falls and Toronto.

Globally, people tuned in from the USA, Greece and Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Ryakuga was honored to be a part of this historic event.  We hope that it is the first of many community broadcasts from within the Mi'kmaq community, in Newfoundland and the whole Atlantic region.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Network 12 Handy Social Media Link List

Here is a list of useful Network 12 social media links for
communication, organization and promotion of the event in addition to
this mailing list.  This will come in handy particularly for those who
are planning on participating virtually.

On Facebook
Network 12 Group (formerly Network 11 Group) - currently 59 members -
Radio Bell Island Group - currently 318 members
Ryakuga Page - currently 35 followers

On Twitter
@ryakuga - 77 followers -
hashtag #network12

Skype Name: ryakuga

The Ryakuga Blog

Channel is in development.

There is a handbook for virtual participation available at the end of this link:

Announcing Community Radio NL - Network 12 Conference

Radio Bell Island is very pleased to announce that we will host
Network 12 on March 23 & 24, 2012, here on Bell Island. We will have
our radio station set up here at St Michael's High School and will
broadcast with lots of interesting programming from March 19 to 25.
Similar to Network 11 in Bonne Bay, we hope to invite participation
from other Community Radio Enthusiasts from all around the Province
with a particular empahsis on "electronic media participation". This
means to wouldn't have to "physically" be here to take part. However,
for those who would like to come "in person" we hope to facillitate
this as well and are in the process of applying for funding to cover
your travel, accomodations, meals, etc.

Please contact us if you:

1/ would be interested in connecting with us via Skype, Facebook, even
telephone, twitter or text at some point during this Conference (March

2/ would be interested in visiting us here at Radio Bell and taking
part in person

We are also interested in re-broadcasting Programming from your Radio
Station so please consider submitting something interesting from your
archives. We will have an emphasis on "Youth" as well and hope to have
a feature panel discussion on youth issues, in particular "staying in
your community vs. moving away to work". All ideas and input welcome -
it's community radio after all

You can find more information out on Facebook at
Network 12 Group
Radio Bell Island Group
Ryakuga Page

or subscribe to this here blog!