Monday, February 20, 2012

Network 12 Virtual Participant FAQ

Network 12 is a Radio Broadcast and Community Radio Conference taking place March 19- 24, 2012 on Bell Island in Newfoundland. The following is an FAQ on how to participate in the broadcast and conference virtually.

What is a Virtual Participant?
A Virtual Participant is one which is not physically present at an event, but who participates from afar using mobile devices and social media.

How do I become a Virtual Participant in the Network 12 Event?
Essentially, Network 12 is 2 events; there is the radio broadcast and the conference. We are encouraging virtual participation in both events.

To become a Virtual Participant of the radio broadcast, all you have to do is listen to the webcast while it is on-air, and discuss what you are hearing using Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

To become a Virtual Participant of the conference, you have to contact Kelly Russell

What are the tools of Virtual Participation?
The main tools being used in Network 12 will be:
Twitter: using the #network12 hashtag
Facebook: posting directly in Network 12 group; tagging posts with Radio Bell Island and Ryakuga
Skype: participating in workshops, deliberative conversations
Text Messaging: for direct communication with on-the-ground participants

Can I be a Virtual Participant if I am physically at the event?
Yes! If you are at the event, you can virtually participate by interacting with the non-present participants, and incorporating their content into the on-air broadcast. You can also solicit participation from virtual participants, by asking them to send their messages and requests from away. As a physically present virtual participant, you can also share photos and videos from the event with the virtual participants.

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