Friday, January 13, 2012

Announcing Community Radio NL - Network 12 Conference

Radio Bell Island is very pleased to announce that we will host
Network 12 on March 23 & 24, 2012, here on Bell Island. We will have
our radio station set up here at St Michael's High School and will
broadcast with lots of interesting programming from March 19 to 25.
Similar to Network 11 in Bonne Bay, we hope to invite participation
from other Community Radio Enthusiasts from all around the Province
with a particular empahsis on "electronic media participation". This
means to wouldn't have to "physically" be here to take part. However,
for those who would like to come "in person" we hope to facillitate
this as well and are in the process of applying for funding to cover
your travel, accomodations, meals, etc.

Please contact us if you:

1/ would be interested in connecting with us via Skype, Facebook, even
telephone, twitter or text at some point during this Conference (March

2/ would be interested in visiting us here at Radio Bell and taking
part in person

We are also interested in re-broadcasting Programming from your Radio
Station so please consider submitting something interesting from your
archives. We will have an emphasis on "Youth" as well and hope to have
a feature panel discussion on youth issues, in particular "staying in
your community vs. moving away to work". All ideas and input welcome -
it's community radio after all

You can find more information out on Facebook at
Network 12 Group
Radio Bell Island Group
Ryakuga Page

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