Tuesday, March 20, 2007

long day...

Well the gremlins were back today... but they've yet to win. We even did some test broadcasts playing some of the local music CDs that Ryakuga has gathered from other communities who organized their own community Radio Stations. If you are a musician and have a CD that you'd like us to play (and add to the collection for future broadcasts in other communities) bring them on down! Chris picked up the broadcast in Baxter's Harbour... so we may luck out with range. Please let us know we're you're listening to us on 98.7 FM in Kings County.

Thanks to all of you who popped in today... I look forward to interacting with you more in these coming days. And I apologize... as Ivan pointed out that it's Kipawo not Kipowa. So the old Kipawo Arts Centre is the new headquarters of the Atlantic Theatre Festival. We will be talking to Nigel from the ATF over the broadcast too.

The schedule is still working its way out. There have been a few shuffles and a few additions. But it's filling out. You can send us your community announcements to be read on air between some of the gaps... or if you stumble across an interesting link online and want to share it... email it to us at wolfvilleradio@gmail.com

The call-in number is 542-1062 and the webcast address is going to be here soon. You'll need Quicktime to listen to it. It's a free download here... and you don't have to fill in the registration form for it to work. And if you don't know what itunes is install the version without it (it's the bottom button in the free download section). I think we'll set up a Skype account spefically for it as well. But I'm exhausted now and will do it tomorrow.

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