Sunday, March 18, 2007

Harnessing Web 2.0

One thing that we're really going to try to do is use the social networking power of Web 2.0 to promote this Radio Broadcast. Unfamiliar with Web 2.0? Well you are using it right now...

Web 2.0 is catchphrase coined by Tim O'Reilly back in 2002 which refers to the marketing potential of the Internet via social networking. It's the user-created side of things. Institutions of Web 2.0 include Wikipedia Google Flickr Myspace Facebook BitTorrent… pretty much any web based service that allows for user control of it's service.O'Reilly put forth Web 2.0 as a marketing concept for business (one that explains the beta phenomenon on the net)… but much of the "lessons" we learn from Web 2.0… as O'Reilly tries to sell the concept as a new business model… are extremely relevant to the community development context of the web. Web 2.0 is the user-created universe.

One of the biggest tenants of Web 2.0… perhaps the one thing that drives the movement and evolution of the web (and the physical communities of it's users) is trust. It's a new trust… one based on word of mouth (user endorsement through hyperlinking) and one that does not really have any real-world measures (aside from those who use Web 2.0 merely to bring their physical realities online).

Web 2.0 also fosters an environment of collaboration and cooperation. The comment function allows us to interact with the information images and concepts that are being presented to us instantly. We (as users in Web 2.0) are no longer passive receptacles of information… our interaction changes the information we are being presented… whether it is in disagreement or agreement of that information. If we disagree… we question and thereby present different ideas to the topic… if we agree… we reinforce the idea of collective consent towards the topic or idea.

Anyway Web 2.0 has the potential to connect communities and citizens towards progressive social goals... not merely economic ones... and I think that we can exemplify this during the broadcast

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