Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Network 11 starts tomorrow!

Network 11 is an unconference. According to Wikipedia - An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. The term "unconference" has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as high fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization.

So the Thursday night meeting when we get together at the cottage hospital is important. It's then we decide on mini-sessions, mini workshops and the radio schedule - and the management committees so together we can ensure the two days run smoothly as possible.

The Food Committee has already been established: Joanie Cranston of the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation; Kate Power and Erin McGee of VOBB, and Allison Eaton, Bonne Bay Marine Station.  Incidentally, they are asking if anybody has dietary concerns. Allison suggests people even bring their own mugs to help keep the unconference as green as possible.  We will need people to work with them to ensure food distribution and cleanup.

Another initiative already started is the Virtual Facebook committee. Charlene has put a lot of volunteer work into getting Facebook set up and she will be participating virtually in the event. Mallory McGrath and Arlene Morrissey are also helping out virtually. Dan Murphy (leading our Skype initiative) and Donavon Taplin will be taking part from the conference.

We need to both report from the community to Facebook and report on-air what's happening on Facebook. Joan did a fine job of that during the Conche simulcast.  Charlene will also be tweeting updates from the event on the Ryakuga Twitter

The third mechanism is the programming committee. Some programs are predetermined such as the Benefit Concert; Harvest Festival; Rural Secretariat Session, and the Thursday night introductions. Saturday afternoon is youth programming - designed and controlled by youth.

But that leaves lots of time for specialty programming from the different communities. We have recorded programs from earlier events and live programs. Please come prepared to discuss your ideas. The programming committee will begin on Thursday night to time slot the programs.

The fourth group to choose from on Thursday is the Technical Committee - we need people to operate the equipment throughout the event. (Although Nicole could probably do it by herself : ) This committee will interact with the photographers - to ensure documentation - and the Virtual/Facebook group.
We will also need to archive and document all our programming.

We can all sign up for committees, mini-sessions, and mini-workshops when we arrive at the Network 11 Unconference (or let Fred know before the event).

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