Monday, December 5, 2011

Radio Week in Cuslett!

By Arlene Morrisey
Here's a brief summary of the Radio week in Cuslett from November 21-25, 2011.
The Radio Communications week in Cuslett was a component of a training/work experience program and the concept was to 'engage 10 TIOW participants between the age of 55-64 with the operations of a community radio station' for one week of the project. Each participant developed content for the programming and all learned how to operate the equipment. 
Monday, November 21st. Interviews with local farmers reggie Careen and Dermot Power, Fatima Academy and lots of local music from the Cape Shore area.
Tuesday, November 22nd. Another busy day with interviews from the locals, lots of music, a live performance by Priscilla Dalton of St. Bride's and the participants got involved with developing commercials for local businesses. Fatima Grade 7 students dropped by to entertain for awhile.
Wednesday, November 23rd.: Along with the Radio there was also a theater component and tonight there was a Turkey Dinner prepared by the group and a play was staged 'on air'. The participants also sang songs and did a traditional set dance from Harbour Deep..."Running the goat" Other students of Fatima dropped by to entertain again during the day.
Thursday, November 24th. was a 'Snow Day' but we got on the air in the afternoon and we interviewed local resident, Doreen Coffey about her recent trip to the Bahamas. We also interviewed former resident, Carl English of the Cape Shore who is now residing in Spain. Tony Power also dropped by and told ghost stories. Of course we had lots of tradional and local music.
Friday, November 25th.: Fatima Academy students dropped by again and we had an interview with former resident, Connie Foley who is now residng in Taiwan where she runs her own private school. We clued up the week with a review of the radio programming and the participants helped dismantle the tower. We had a great week and it was alot of fun and great learning experience for everyone involved.
We kept the schedule flexible to allow for spontaneous events to occur. It was a valuable week of learning and we were pleased with the outcome.

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