Monday, October 17, 2011

Network 11 Logistics

Network 11 Unconference is designed to facilitate informal networking. We also hope people make use of our FaceBook and Blog before and during the event.

In other words, we want people to make suggestions online. And, at any rate, all will be discussed and decisions made when we are together face to face on Thursday.

There are a variety of sub-agendas on the go. For example, St. Anthony wants to set up a permanent station; Fogo Island wants to use community radio as a networking tool in their 2012 anniversary celebrations.

Also, this suggested agenda doesn't include a radio programming schedule. People are already sending in suggestions and requests for programs.

Thursday 7 pm:

  • Gather on air with snacks in the cottage hospital radio studio/social networking center
  • Groups and individuals introduce themselves and their interest/projects (basically where we've been with communications and networking)
  • Later off air with discussion and choice of mini sessions, workshops and conference committees
  • Review and discussion of the unconference schedule

Friday am:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Mini sessions and mini workshops
  • Radio programming including report backs

Lunch - town hall

Friday pm:

  • The Rural Secretariat is facilitating a deliberative dialogue session on the development of networking among community media practitioners in Newfoundland and Labrador - town hall
  • Potluck supper/social - town hall
  • Radio programming

Saturday am:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Garden Project Initiative (10 am)
  • Harvest Festival and Craft Fair (11 to 4) broadcast - town hall
  • Mini sessions and mini workshops
  • Radio programming including report backs

Lunch at the craft fair - town hall

Saturday pm:

  • Youth radio broadcast
  • Wrap up round table in the marine station - building the network
  • Radio programming including report backs
  • Catered dinner social - town hall
  • Benefit concert (8 pm) - remote broadcast - town hall
  • Social - Lion's Club

Sunday am:

  • Continental breakfast

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