Monday, September 26, 2011

Network 11

Network 11 is a participatory event about participatory communications.
It will take place from October 20 to October 23 at the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital and Marine Station in beautiful Bonne Bay Newfoundland.

The purpose of the Network 11 event is to support the creation of an informal network of community groups interested in using community radio - enhanced by participatory media tools - as a vehicle for community development and community-based research.

During Network 11 a variety of sessions/workshops about the bread and butter of participatory communication processes will be held, and then reported back about on-air through a live radio broadcast. Simulcast online using Internet tools.

Participatory communication processes are designed with the goals of sustainable community development and community-based research guiding them. These processes support the growth of a culture which promotes collaboration, self-help and citizen engagement.

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